How To Apply Sun-Kissed Makeup

makeupbydiana-com_sun-kissed_makeupWe all know that the sun is one of the biggest enemy of the skin aging, but some of us still spend hours trying to achieve that tanned look. I personally am so afraid of taking a sunbath, but love at the same time the sun-kissed look. So here it is how you can get a sunny glow without damaging your skin.
Apply a tinted moisturizer first or a foundation that gives you a sheer or medium coverage. Make sure you dust a little loose powder to set it but at the same time to create a smooth base for the bronzer that is to be applied.

Time for the bronzer, my favorite for every summer! You can apply it by using a Kabuki brush, making sure you shake any excess off before. Consider that when we tan, we do not get an evenly color. So go just over the areas that are more exposed. The easiest way to apply the bronzer is drawing the number three on each part of the face, starting with the forehead, continuing with the cheek and ending at the jaw line. Then add a little product over the bridge of the nose, neck and décolletage.

The best eye shadow color to illuminate the eyes is bronze. It will go with any eye color. Other colors that would work are golds, browns, beiges, preferably in a shimmery texture. If you want to skip the shadow, just a pencil in the colors that I have mentioned would look beautiful, as well. Black or brown mascara and you are almost done!
For the lips I recommend to keep them natural, just add a little gloss over.

And do not forget: if the sun is there, use a high SPF to protect your skin.

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How To Apply Blush

makeupbydiana-com_blushApplying blush, also known as rouge, will give every woman a healthy look, accentuating their cheekbones and adding warmth to the face. This is also a good way to create a youthful appearance to the face.

We are all used to smile when it comes to apply the blush. According to Rae Morris, a multiple award-winning makeup artist, the muscle that protrudes is not always the cheek muscle, so when relaxed, the area will fall back closer to the mouth than the cheekbone. This way, we end up aging ourselves. For everyday makeup, the right area to apply the blush is between the corner of the mouth and corner of the ear as the base and corner of the nose and temples as the upper limit. There should be a distance of two fingers between the corner of nose and the blush color.

There might be exceptions, depending on what kind of look we want to create.
Blushes come in formulations like compact powders, liquids, creams, sticks, loose or gels. If you have dry or more mature skin wear a cream texture blush rather than powder, so this will not creep into wrinkles. But if you still prefer a powder type formula, stay away of the matte ones, opting instead for the pearly tones in order to get a dewy look. On the other hand, oily skins might use matte powder formulas.

When selecting the color for a natural look, for fair skin, peach, coral or rosy shades work the best. The olive skin looks great in dark rose, peach, orange or bronze tones. Black skin is flattered by bright colors like plum, fuchsia, warm apricots or deep bronze. As regards the redheads, the best colors are peach or coral shades.

And do not forget: blush color should be in the same color family with lip color (both warm or both cool).

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How To Apply Evening Makeup

makeupbydiana-com_evening-make-upWhether going out in the night or having a special occasion, the makeup we wear should be different than the one we are used to wear every day. That means that more definition is required for the eyes, cheeks or lips. But most of the time, the star of the evening makeup will be the eyes.

So, here it is a simple way of creating an evening look.

After the face is cleansed and moisturized, I recommend applying the makeup for the eyes first. This will prevent any falling shadow messing up with the makeup base. The first step of the makeup is applying a corrector on the entire eye area, both on the eyelid and under the eyes, in order to correct any skin redness and to cover the dark circles. It is very important to blend the corrector at the base of the eyelashes. By doing this will assure that the makeup will go smoother and will stay in place all night, as well. But before any color is applied, sweep a little loose powder on the entire eye area.

Now we are ready to apply the color. We don’t necessary need more than two shadows. An easy choice is using black and vanilla. One of the easiest methods of applying them is blending the black color on the entire mobile eyelid up to the bone. Fill in any gaps between the eyelashes with a Kohl black pencil and apply it also inside the inner rim of the upper and lower lid. Blend it into the black shadow, using an angle brush and fix it with shadow below the lower lashes. Using a thick brush, blend the light color on the brow bone and the inner corner of the eyes. Applying two coats of mascara is very important as the emphasis of the makeup is on the eyes, you can even add more drama by using some false lashes. Do not forget about the brows. Use a natural hair color eyebrow pencil or powder to fill them in. Clean any excess of eye makeup with a Q-tip or clean brush.

Having the eyes all made up, we can apply now the foundation to even out the complexion and set it up with a translucent loose powder. Because we want the attention to be on the eyes, the lip color should be a soft tone. As regards the cheeks, we could use a heavy pigmented color as the night makeup blush is stronger in intensity.
If black is too much for you, it could be replaced by dark grey, brown, green, blue or purple.

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