How to be prepared for the trial and what to expect

June 14, 2021
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June 14, 2021 Diana Anghelus

Trials are simply makeup appointments that give you an idea of how you are going to look on your wedding day. Because you want to get the whole feel of it, try and book your hair appointment the same day as your makeup if possible. Wearing a white t-shirt or the color of your dress is going to help you have a better understanding of the whole look, as well.

Trials normally take longer than the makeup on the wedding day. I normally spend about 2 hours with the future brides-to-be, just because I ask many questions in order to come up with the desired look. Makeup for weddings/photography require more products in order to look good on camera. So don’t get surprised when you look in the mirror and see more than you usually wear. Trust your artist, especially after you saw their work before. There is a reason you reached out to her/him.

Many girls like to have a second opinion when doing their trial. Having your mom or best friend there with you is always welcomed.
Having pictures as inspiration to show to your artist is also a good idea! That will give a better understanding of the look you are going for, especially if you are not sure how to explain what you want .
Be honest with your artist if you are not comfortable with something ! It is just makeup that can be easily fixed. Start with less makeup mainly if you don’t wear that much on a daily basis . It is easier to add more than to make it lighter or remove it.
In the end , expect your artist to take some pictures to have as reference, but also to write down the colors that were used . This way, on the wedding day, the colors and style that was chosen is going to be ready for you.

Are you wandering some of the questions that your makeup artist could ask you?

Questions to expect at the trial

I always like to ask my brides-to-be questions before I proceed to the makeup application. And why is that? Because everyone is different , from skin concerns to makeup style and colors, and in order to achieve the right look , you have to ask those questions , just because One size doesn’t fit all!

So , here they are , my beauties:
1. What is your skin type-oily, dry, combination, normal or sensitive
2. Do you have any concerns about your skin
3. How much coverage do you normally wear
4. What is your makeup routine
5. What is the most makeup that you wear ( you can have a picture ready for your artist with the most glam you wore
6. Have you had your makeup done ( professionally) before
7. Do you have any allergies
8. Is something that you don’t like about makeup
9. Have you worn false eyelashes before
10. What colors do you have in the wedding
11. What flowers / colors you have in the bouquet
12. Are you going to have your hair up or down


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