Why do I need a Bridal Makeup Trial with my artist?

June 13, 2021
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June 13, 2021 Diana Anghelus

Makeup Trial is definitely one part of your wedding preparations that you do not want to skip. It is as important as trying on your dress before making its purchase. You might already have some pictures saved and know the look you would like to wear. What if the look does not fit your features or you will not feel like yourself? What if you have an allergic reaction to some of the products? What if your makeup artist does not carry certain products or colors to achieve the look you want ( even though a professional should have access to all of that).
There is no time on your wedding day to decide on the look or to re-do it . There is already enough tension the morning of your wedding, so save the little moment you have of getting ready as your piece of mind! That is your moment to take a breath and relax before your emotions start to kick in a little higher.

Did you already have a trial or makeup application with another artist? Do you want your wedding makeup artist to just recreate that look? Well…not sure that it is going to look the same. Every person’s skills are different. The colors might look the same, but the makeup application could look different. Every artist has her/his way of blending products , so don’t be surprise if it will not be exactly the same.

“Ok, I feel a little confused right now! I do not know what to do!” you might ask. Well, the next article will teach you what to expect from a trial.Bridal-Beauty-Artist-Arizona

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