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June 12, 2021
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June 12, 2021 Diana Anghelus

You have an event coming up and need your makeup done desperately. You could do it yourself, you were thinking at first…but why not being spoiled and less worry about it?

Now, going to a makeup counter it could be challenging for some of you. If you are used to getting 100% attention and being done on time, you should think two times before making an appointment .

1. Yes, make an appointment. Do not rely on just walking in and expecting to find availability right away.
2. A full face makeup application takes normally an hour. Advice: give yourself up to two hours if you are planning to visit a very busy counter like MAC for example. Read below why.
3. Do not expect to have all the attention upon you. The artists will most likely step away to help other customers or answer phone calls.
4. Explain to the artist the look you would like to achieve. Show them pictures as inspiration and tell them your everyday makeup routine. This will help them understand easier what you are exactly looking for .
5. Some makeup lines only offer light makeup, so be mindful of that if you are planning or going for a very dramatic look.
6. Most of the time, the artists will work with just one brand ( the one they represent), except if your artist is a Beauty Stylist in the department ( they can work with any brands)
7. Be Cautious about sanitation. I could go on and on with this subject. Make sure your artist is using hand sanitizer, clean all the powder makeup before applying it to your skin, uses disposable applicators and never dip them back into the container. For example mascara wands or lip wands. My thoughts: I never know what happens when no one is there…I have seen too much.
8. Make sure they spray alcohol on eyeliner, lipliner or lipstick before applying them on you. I caught artists not doing that … a-ya-yay 😲
9. Also, make sure it is alcohol they are spraying to sanitize and not brush cleaner…I saw that, too.
10. Last but not least, be expected to buy products in the end. No one is working for free. The service might be complementary, but the artist has a quota they need to meet and / or are paid by commissions. Be mindful of that and show some respect for their effort to make you look your best.

If you prefer a quiet and luxurious moment by being spoiled in the makeup chair, then hiring a personal makeup artist is your best choice.


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