Should I hire a Professional Wedding Makeup Artist?

June 10, 2021
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June 10, 2021 Diana Anghelus

You just got engaged and now you are contemplating whether to have your makeup done for your big day or just do it yourself.

With today’s large access to any information, your first thought might be to save some money and learn how to do it yourself. If you are already a pro … this might be easy. But if you are not the girl that wears makeup every day … and I mean the full face makeup ( foundation, powder, concealer, contour, blush , eyebrows, lashes , eyeshadow, eyeliner , lipstick just to name a few…Wait! What? Contour? Lashes? Powder? What is that?) than you will definitely need to hire a professional makeup artist.

But…Wait! My friend knows how to do makeup on herself! I can have her do my makeup and it will be for free…this thought might cross your mind, as well . Well…that sounds exciting at first…but is your friend knowledgeable enough about how to work with other faces rather than just hers? Is your friend knowledgeable enough about different products and textures that fits your skin? How about products that photograph beautiful? Or formulas that last throughout the day? Or makeup looks that are suitable for your big day and are timeless?

Well…if you are not sure 🤔 about all these, than it is time to start looking for a professional makeup artist.


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