Reviewing my makeup light

I recently got my makeup light and I was asked so many questions about it. So, I decided to write a review about it. I hope it would help everyone searching for their ideal light.
Lighting plays a very important role in a makeup artist’s life. As all my services are on-location, I needed good source of lighting in order to achieve a perfect complexion. One of the first things I was doing when getting to my client’s house or to a hotel room was to find a spot where lighting was the best, and most of the time that used to be by the window. And even if Arizona is sunny pretty much all the time, the insides are pretty dark. So, being by the windows helped me , but did not make me happy. Now, some would probably wonder why I could not just do the makeup by turning the lights on. Well, I tried, especially when it was getting dark outside and I was still working. And you know what? That made the application process even more difficult, especially when dealing with matching the foundation. Because the bulb lights found inside are either too cold or too warm in temperature and alters the tone of the makeup being applied.
It was then when I realized I was missing something so important in my kit: a very good light to be able to carry with me. I mean…the best light that I could get, because I wanted the best for my kit. I was a little scared to start my research, because there are so many out there on the market. And it did not take me longer to make my decision: TML- The Makeup Light , it was the one that made my heart beat. And I remember seeing it featured in The Makeup Artist Magazine, as well, magazine that I trust and get it regularly. I placed my order right away and got it so quick.
I opted for The Key Light Starter Package for the beginning.


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My 1st impression: 5 stars *****
– very cute, it does not even look like a light
– the size of an iPad
– LED light – it can burn 8 hours a day for 17 years. YAY!
– easy to travel with, easy to carry, lightweight
– comes with a goose neck, which makes it so easy to be positioned in the right direction
– comes with its own “Stuff Sack ” carry bag

A backpack could be purchased separatelly, if you prefer to have your hands free.

My 2nd impression: waw, 5 stars***** again
-very easy to assemble
– After I pluged it in, I waited no more than 5 seconds and the light came on
– super bright light that you can see every detail of your work, especially when you have to do a foundation match
– It also has a dimmer, so you can adjust the brightness
– It blends the Cool and Warm color temperatures, resulting in a Neutral light, which is ideal for makeup. This is one of the reason that I decided to go with The Makeup Light.

Of course, I took it with me on my first gig that I had and I got so excited about being able to finally see my work. It was in a hotel room, in the afternoon, and I don’t know what I would have done without “my light”. I call it “my best friend” now.

The 2nd time, I took the light with me when doing makeup for a photo shoot and even the photographer got so excited about it. She was so happy about the way the pictures came out while the light was on.
I have also purchased , separately, the Suction Cup ( for only $20 ). That means , the light can be attached to a window or to a mirror, when there is lack of space. Isn’t this fantastic?


The Makeup Light was created by Michael Astalos, for his wife Vivian Baker, who is an Emmy Award Winning Makeup Artist. She needed a great light to work with in her movie trailers.

It can be purchased for $330 on or other authorized Resellers. I got mine on It is also available for purchase around the Globe through authorized resellers.
Last, but not least, their Customer Services is amazing and respond very quickly to any concerns.
I hope this helps ! Happy Lighting on your Makeup Application 🙂

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