How To Apply Makeup On A Mature Skin

makeupbydiana-com_mature_skin_makeupAs we age, our skin texture becomes thinner and we notice that skin around the eyes becomes saggy. Do not be afraid to apply makeup, as there are some good tips to consider when dealing with aging skin.

After an anti-aging moisturizer is applied, we should make any corrections before applying the foundation. The dark circles under the eyes will be covered with a concealer lighter in texture, in order to avoid the folds to become more obvious. Age spots and other discolorations will be covered with a special corrector, as well.

When choosing the foundation, I recommend one that will give you a full coverage, but still not looking heavy, with moisturizing and anti-aging properties, as well, and with a dewy finish. Stay away of the matte finishes, as they will get into the wrinkles and feel obvious on the face. I prefer to use an illuminating concealer around the eyes, especially in the outer corners, to make the eye area look rested and to give the illusion of lifted eyes. Loose powder can be applied to set the foundation. I prefer the powders that diffuse the light and create the illusion of less wrinkles.

We can move to the eye area now. If the eyelid is much wrinkled, we could concentrate more on the lips or skin, going very light on the eye color and using matte shadows. If the eyelid is not wrinkled, we can apply a darker shadow in the corners and a pearly shadow in the center of the eyelid.

In order to give the illusion of an eye-lift there are three methods to be considered. Turn the liner up at the corner of the upper eyelid, curl the eyelashes and line the eyebrows above the natural line, especially the tail of the brows, as this tends to fall as we age. The bottom lash line should be shaded very soft, in colors such like gold, mauves or blue grays. The top line should be 2-3 times thicker than the bottom one, in order to create that lifted effect. A good idea is to use a white pencil inside the lower rim to open up the eyes and cut any redness that may exist.

Apply an iridescent red blush to give the face life and light. If the face is very dry, apply a cream blush instead, right on top of the foundation, before the light powder is applied.

Lining the lips will create a more definition and will prevent the lipstick from bleeding. For a longer wear color, you can apply the lip liner all over the lips, and then go with the lipstick. Mature skin should stay away of the brown color lipsticks, using instead reds, pinks or corals. If preferring to add a gloss, use it only in the center of the lips, as applying it all over the lips will make the lipstick bleed.

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